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Nik Morton served in the Royal Navy for 23 years and has been writing for 53 years. He sold his first story in 1971 and has had 120 short stories published - some winning awards - in various genres, among them action, adventure, romance, ghost, horror, sci-fi, western and crime.

He has edited periodicals and contributed to magazines hundreds of articles, book and film reviews. He has chaired several writers’ circles and run writing and screenplay workshops, and judged their competitions. He has edited many books and, for the period 2003-2007, he was sub-editor of the monthly colour magazine, Portsmouth Post, and for 2011-2013 he was Editor in Chief of Solstice Publishing, but stepped down to spend more time on his many writing projects.

He’s had 30 books published; his latest books are a sci-fi time-travel adventure, Continuity Girl, a noir western Coffin for Cash, and the third in a fantasy series, Floreskand: Madurava.

His guide Write a Western in 30 Days – with plenty of bullet points has reviewers recommending it for writers of all genres, not just westerns.

To learn more about Nik follow him on twitter @nik_morton or read his regular blog posts.

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