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An Excerpt from the Dictionary of Antiquity


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Daddy, n (obs prob relig)††

A mythical Pre-Networked Period (P-NP) figure, representing the gestational and disciplinary power required to create, and provide ongoing support to, a unit of wet consciousness.

Digital playlist archaeology suggests a complex mix of social functionality ranging from intimacy (My Heart Belongs to Daddy; Daddy Cool) through economic support (Daddyís Gonna Pay for Your Crashed Car; Hungry Freaks Daddy) to attribution (Annie, Iím Not Your Daddy; My Son Calls Another Man Daddy) and ultimately abandonment (My Daddy is Only a Picture; Daddyís All Gone).

[Etymology unclear but possibly from babbling observed historically in not fully networked units.]

See also Mummy.

Home n, (antiq poss archit)

A location of major prepositional significance for P-NP wet units.

Well-evidenced unease about returning (Canít Find My Way Home; Country Roads Take Me Home) leaving (Leaving Home Ainít Easy; Donít Leave Home) and distance from (2,000 Light Years From Home; Long Walk Home). Prepositional status of others also of concern (Please Go Home; Yanqui Go Home; Johnny Come Home; Please Come Home For Christmas).† Majority view supports involvement of architectural structure despite some evidence to the contrary (e.g. A House Is Not A Home; The Green Green Grass of Home; Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home).

Love n, (obs psychol)

A pathological condition found in P-NP wet units.

Love was evidently dangerous (Too Much Love Will Kill You; Addicted To Love; Victim of Love), painful (It Hurts to Be in Love; Love Bites) poorly defined (I Want to Know What Love Is; What is Love) and delusional (I Believe in a Thing called Love). The long desired cure (Love Removal Machine; Iíll Never Love Again; A World Without Love) remains one of the NPís most significant achievements.

Mummy n, (obs prob relig)

Problematic archetypal P-NP figure, aka mother, mama, involved in powerful inter-relations.

A figure who is manipulated (Never Tell Your Mother Sheís Out of Tune; Treat Your Mother Right; Iíll Always Love My Mama) in order to meet very high levels of demand (Nobody Loves Me But My Mother; Mother Can You Carry Me; I Need a Mother) in conditions of inadequate recompense and considerable opportunity costs (Mama Liked The Roses; What Mama Say [Life is Good]; Iím the Only Hell [My Mama Ever Raised]) yet remains feared (Mother You Smother You; Your Psychopathic Mother) and ultimately faces dismemberment and death (Mamaís Arms; Mamaís Hand; Mother Tongue; My Mummyís Dead).